I Built A Tiny Café In My Garden, Here Are 50 Fun Photos Of My Visitors

My name is Kristen Flagg and I am an amateur photographer.

Due to quarantine life and feeling rather lonely and depressed, I went outside to find some happiness. Well, unfortunately, I couldn’t go too far due to lockdown, so I created my own little space at my home. My husband built six small picnic tables for the squirrels and I began taking photos of all our different visitors. I began to actually look forward to waking up and going outside to see our guests. I add new stuff every day for the squirrels and chipmunks to explore. All my little visitors have names, which makes it really fun.

I also recently started Rosie’s Café Facebook page. I thought if these moments give me a smile, maybe they would help others too… Rosie’s is all about spreading smiles and kindness, especially now, in times we need it more than ever.

My café is in Norwich, Connecticut. I named the café Rosie’s because the city I live in is nicknamed Rose City.

More info: Facebook | kristenflagg.smugmug.com

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