40 Cute Duck Pics That Might Just Make You Go "Aww" Uncontrollably

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes, and when those best friends are animals, the size can get incredibly small. In the world of birds, one species takes the cake for being absolutely adorable: the duck.

But ducks are also as clever as they are cute. They’re smart and emotional creatures. They can comprehend commands, play with toys, give kisses, and beg for snuggles and cuddles! If they’re handled gently and have gotten used to humans from an early age, ducklings can become quite friendly with people.

We collected some of the most precious duck pics you’ll ever see. Some of these cute ducks were randomly found near ponds in their natural habitat, while others became domestic and essential members of their human families. Either way, these little guys will melt your heart with their cuteness overload!

Ducks as a species are probably one of the most known birds on the planet. Not only because of famous ducks in history, like Donald Duck and Daffy Duck of Disney fame, but also because you can find them in literally any pond on the planet.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, domestic ducks alone had an estimated population of 1.15 billion (no pun intended), 1 billion of which were registered in a number of countries across Asia.

That’s a lot of ducks. And that’s just domesticated ones. Ducks Unlimited, a wetlands and waterfowl conservation organization, estimates that there’s roughly 34 million wild ducks currently quacking about in North America alone.

Unfortunately, according to the same report by Ducks Unlimited, wild duck populations have dwindled in the last 3 years, dropping from an estimated 38.9 million to 34.4 million. Heck, it was 41.1 million in 2018.

This is mostly due to changes in their natural habitat. More specifically, it’s the fact that some ponds are drier than others depending on the year and hence breeding numbers fluctuate accordingly. But this is only part of it as hunting seasons are a thing, overall wetland areas continue to shrink, among other factors that impact the ducks’ population numbers.

But while the overall numbers are still looking very good, don’t let your guard down as there are waterfowl species that are very much endangered.

The Brazilian Merganser is estimated to have a population of fewer than 250 specimens of its kind, the Orinoco goose is considered near threatened as a species, and the Madagascar pochard has less than 50 members left on the planet.

And this is besides initiatives like the Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary, which is all about rescuing abused and neglected farmed animals, including ducks. Even though the species they deal with aren’t necessarily going extinct, it’s still important to spread awareness of the need for conservation when it comes to ducks and the fight for duck and just animal rights in general.

Keep scrolling to see more adorable duck photos because we all need a cute duck in our lives, but your cute animal journey doesn’t need to end here because we have other cute animal articles lined up already: here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Or, if you want to take the next big step in making sure cute animals stay a thing on our lovely planet, why not consider donating to organizations like the Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary! Or express your solidarity in the comment section below.

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Unexpected Baby Duck Inside My Garden

Unexpected Baby Duck Inside My Garden

This summer, thirteen little baby ducks were trapped inside my garden. Momma Duck was desperately shouting from my rooftop. Where they came from: no idea! Probably out of some eggs, but I couldn’t find out where the nest was hidden. I decided to grab the babies, put them in a crate and release them at the lake at the end of the street, where it has always been flooded with ducks. Don’t worry, mom was around the place the whole time, quacking loudly to reassure her children. I think. The first scary moments, all the poor little things gathered around, peeping and squeaking like hairy bath ducks. Catching ducklings is a great workout, those things are unbelievably fast and maneuverable dude. As soon as I spotted Mother Duck, I released the ducklings and they quickly joined her.

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